The 9th Nottingham Endoscopy Masterclass 2016

20th & 21st October 2016, Postgraduate Education Centre, Queens Medical Centre campus, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

Course directors: Professor Krish Ragunath & Dr Martin James

The University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals together with our sponsors hosted the 9th Nottingham Endoscopy Masterclass on 20th and 21st October 2016 at the Postgraduate Education Centre, Nottingham. Over 75 delegates attended over the two days, which included a mixture of consultants, trainees and nurses from across the UK. The masterclass featured a faculty of world-renowned experts, both local and international. The programme included lectures, live endoscopy transmission, how I do it, course dinner and a dedicated full day for nurses’ education.

Thank you to our sponsors, Olympus, Boston Scientific, Cook Medical and ERBE, as well as our faculty members, for their valuable contributions.

International Faculty:

Prof I Gralnek (Israel), Prof P Deprez (Belgium), Prof S Kashin (Russia), Prof D Cave (USA), Dr A Bapaye (India), Dr K Bhattacharya (USA), Dr S Nonaka (Japan), Dr R Tutuian (Switzerland), Dr T Uraoka (Japan)

UK Faculty:

Prof J Atherton (Nottingham), Prof P Bhandari (Portsmouth), Dr J Anderson (Gloucester), Mr J Catton (Nottingham), Dr S Dolwani (Cardiff), Dr J Green (Cardiff), Dr N Suzuki (London), Prof S Ishaq (Birmingham), Dr J Ramesh (Liverpool), Dr H Griffiths (Hereford), Dr S Panter (South Tyneside), Dr S Ryder (Nottingham), Dr S Samuel (Nottingham), Dr A Parra-Blanco (Nottingham), Dr S Sami (Nottingham), Ms L Clark (Nottingham)

Please find links to the course material below.

Thursday 20th October 2016

A New Approach to the Diagnosis and Management of Non-hematemesis Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Prof D Cave

Abstracts from UEGW

Barrett’s Neoplasia Resection & Ablation: Prof P Bhandari

Best of UEGW 2016: Prof P Deprez

Clinical Outcome of Endoscopic Resection for Nonampullary Duodenal Tumors: Dr S Nonaka

Computer aided diagnosis of early GI neoplasia: hope or hype: Prof S Kashin

Device-assisted Enteroscopy: Dr K Bhattacharya

Early cancer detection & endoscopy demand: Are we missing the trick?: Dr J Green

Endoscopic Management of NVUGIB:An Evidence-Based Approach: Prof I Gralnek

Laparoscopic Hellar’s cardiomyotomy: Mr J Catton

Pneumatic balloon dilatation for achalasia: Dr R Tutuian

Primary Achalasia: POEM Vs Heller’s Myotomy: Dr A Bapaye

Risk assessment in UGIB: recent PCI & ACS: Dr M James

Trans-nasal endoscopy - still sniffing the NHS?: Dr S Panter

Friday 21st October 2016

Dynamic/Predictive Nursing: Prof P Bhandari

Nursing competency and skill sets: Dr H Griffiths

Chromoendoscopy and dyes: Dr N Suzuki

Complications: Dr J Anderson

ERCP: why its done and key team dynamics: Dr S Ryder

EUS: The basics: Dr J Ramesh

Non variceal GI bleeding: Dr A Parra-Blanco

Polypectomy and EMR- The Technique: Ms L Clark

Variceal Upper GI Bleeding: Old and New Tools: Dr S Sami

Enteroscopy: where are we now?: Prof D Cave

ERCP selective cannulation: Dr M James

ESD for Early Squamous Neoplasia: Dr S Nonaka

EUS guided biliary drainage: ready for prime time?: Prof P Deprez

EUS guided Therapy for Gastric Varices: Dr A Bapaye

EUS guided tissue acquisition: Dr J Ramesh

EUS in cysts: Prof P Deprez

Peripancreatic Fluid Collections (PFC’s) – Definitions & Management: Dr A Bapaye

Prevention of post: ERCP pancreatitis. Evidence based approach: Dr S Ryder