Dr Jane Grove

Dr Jane Grove

Queens Medical Centre Campus, Derby Road, Nottingham, NG7 2UH

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Assistant Professor

I am an Assistant Professor in the Hepatology Group in the NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre and the MRC-funded Nottingham Molecular Pathology Node (http://www.nmpn.info/). My research includes translational research projects in the following areas: Drug-induced liver injury (assessment, genetic and environmental factors that affect drug metabolism and hepatotoxicity).

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and alcoholic liver disease (mechanisms and biomarkers of liver injury).

Genetic determinants of liver disease.

Development and validation of markers of oxidative stress in the evaluation of acute liver injury and chronic liver diseases.

Non-invasive assessment of liver fibrosis.

Clinical application of liver biomarkers.

Experimental diagnostics of chronic liver injury.

I am Divisional Safety Officer and Human Tissue Authority Person Designate for the Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre.

I am a member of the UK Stratified Medicine and Pharmacogenetics Committee and am involved in developing Biobank networks.

Research Experience:

Analysis of genetic determinants of the development of alcoholic liver disease. (Newcastle University)

Improvement of E. coli nitroreductase by mutagenesis: a route to optimization of virus- directed enzyme-prodrug cancer therapy. (Cobra Therapeutics)

DNA double-strand break repair in E. coli. (Nottingham University)

Role of novel Type IV secretion systems in Helicobacter pylori virulence. (Nottingham University)

Degree: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (Durham University)

PhD: Escherichia coli genes essential for formate-dependent nitrite reduction, cytochrome c biosynthesis and periplasmic nitrate reduction. (Birmingham University)

Expertise Summary:

Quantification of circulating biomarkers including Luminex multiplex analysis on Bioplex 200

Characterisation and phenotyping of patient cohorts and analysis of clinical data

Expression analyses including assessment of liver tissue markers

Molecular genetics including detection of polymorphisms, cloning, PCR and sequencing

Biochemistry (including protein expression, purification and analysis)

Biobanking: setting up a Research Tissue Bank, clinical sample collection, storage and cataloging/databases

Microbiology: specialist in E.coli and H.pylori manipulation and phenotyping