Pharmacogenetics of drug induced liver injury (DILIGEN)

1st June 2009

Status: Ended

Specialism: Liver.

Team: Professor Guruprasad AithalSuzanne Henry.

Pharmacogenetics of drug induced liver injury (DILIGEN)

The principal purpose of this project is to identify genetic factors involved in determining individual susceptibility to drug-induced liver injury . The 3 main aims of the project are: (a) to collect clinical data, DNA, sera and lymphocytes, from at least 600 well characterised cases of drug-induced liver injury associated with these drugs and 1200 matched controls; (b) to perform case-control allele association studies looking for associations between disease susceptibility and polymorphisms in selected “candidate” metabolic and immune genes; (c) to estimate the cost of drug-induced liver injury related to antimicrobial agents and the net cost impact of a genotyping strategy aimed at reducing the frequency of these adverse reactions. For logistic and feasibility reasons, we have focussed this project on drug-induced liver injury associated with antimicrobial agents, however, we believe this will serve as a paradigm for future studies investigating hepatotoxicity related to other drugs. The anticipated outcomes related to these aims are:

  • The development of novel genotyping strategies to minimise drug-induced liver injury.
  • An understanding of the cost of antimicrobial-related adverse liver reactions and the potential cost impact of a successful genotyping strategy.
  • The establishment of a DNA bank which will provide a resource for additional pharmacogenetic studies involving both candidate genes and whole genome scanning to further refine predictive pharmacogenetic testing.
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guruprasad-aithal Professor Guruprasad Aithal Biography Professor Guruprasad P. Aithal is the Professor of Hepatology and the Head of the Division for the Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre and Deputy Director of Nottingham Molecular Pathology Node. Professor Aithal is the GI & Liver Disorder…
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