Evaluation of interventions designed to increase diagnosis and treatment of patients with hepatitis (HepCATT study)

1st August 2014 - ongoing

Status: Active


Team: Professor Will Irving.

Funded by Department of Health (2014 to 2017)

This study addresses the issue of testing for hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and onward referral of newly diagnosed patients for assessment and treatment in drug treatment centres (DTC).

The study has 4 main elements:

Firstly an analysis of diagnosis and treatment rates across England using laboratory data from the Public Health England Sentinel Surveillance Survey.

This data provides a baseline against which to assess performance following introduction of an intervention aimed at increasing diagnosis and treatment.

Secondly, a pilot study to assess the impact of a complex intervention within DTC aimed at increasing HCV case finding and treatment. This includes appointment of HCV facilitators (e.g. a nurse) in order to coordinate and develop education and training of drug workers, enhance patient referral, recruit and train peer support teams, advocate for the introduction of dried blood spot testing, and streamline service provision so that HCV assessment and treatment is brought as close as possible to the patient.

Thirdly, qualitative methods (e.g. focus group discussions and one-to-one interviews) are used to explore participant and deliverers’ experiences and responses to the intervention, to assess whether the interventions put in place were delivered as intended, to describe the social and contextual factors shaping the intervention, testing and treatment uptake and to assess scope for transferability to other sites.

Fourthly, we are assessing the impact and cost-effectiveness of the interventions using a model that has been developed previously to inform NICE guidelines.

Collaborating Partners

Bristol University

Nottingham University Hospital Trust

Public Heath England

The Hepatitis C Trust

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


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professor-will-irving Professor Will Irving Clinical virology, especially in relation to viral hepatitis and the human herpes viruses. This encompasses diagnosis, management and pathogenesis of disease.
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