A randomised controlled trial of the effect of the low FODMAP diet and dietary oligofructose on gastrointestinal form, function and microbiota in healthy volunteers (FOG)

1st September 2014

Status: Ended

Specialism: Lower GI.

Team: Professor Robin SpillerDr Giles Major.

The purpose of the study is to investigate the effect of changing the amount of poorly digested, fermentable carbohydrate in the diet of healthy volunteers on MRI parameters of GI physiology such as colonic volume and whole gut transit time.

In addition we will collect samples for analysis of faecal microbiota, faecal short-chain fatty acid concentration and urinary metabolites. This combined approach will allow associations to be made between changes in di, microbiota and physiology.

As well as testing hypotheses on the relationship between diet and physiology this study will act as a pilot for such a combined approach, providing valuable data for future programme grants.

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professor-robin-spiller Professor Robin Spiller Robin's main interest is in the pathophysiology of functional GI diseases, particularly focusing on the role of infection and inflammation and alterations in serotonin metabolism in the irritable bowel syndrome. He has twice edited the British Society of…
dr-giles-major Dr Giles Major I am interested in the interaction between diet, the gut microbiota and intestinal physiology, and how these interactions affect digestive symptoms and disease. I am part of the University of Nottingham GI MRI research group. We use novel magnetic…
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