A pilot study to assess the efficancy of intravenous iron isomaltoside 1000 monofer in the management of anaemia associated with the palliative management of oesophagogastric (Monofer)

10th August 2015

Status: Ended

Specialism: Surgical.

Team: Dr Austin Acheson.

Funded by Pharmacosmos (2013 to 2016)

Doctors at the Department of Surgery and Oncology are interested in helping people who are suffering from anaemia. Anaemia is a condition in which the patient suffers from a reduced level of haemoglobin that is responsible for carrying oxygen in the blood stream. It is a common condition in patients diagnosed with cancer, especially those undergoing chemotherapy. There are different types of anaemia and it is important to identify the correct type because the treatments may be different. Patients suffering from anaemia may have a range of symptoms including shortness of breath, tiredness, lack of energy and chest pain.


Patients in this trial are randomly assigned to one of two groups. The first group is treated with conventional treatments for anaemia, at the discretion of the clinical team. The second group is offered a one-off dose of intravenous (injected) iron in order to try and correct the anaemia.

Tests involved

Everyone recruited to the study will be asked to complete two quality of life questionnaires, known as the “FACT-An” and the “EQ-5D”. These are completed 4 times in total – at the start of the trial and then on first day of the first 3 cycles of intravenous chemotherapy.

The research team also collect information on medical history and medications, together with recording the blood results that are part of clinical treatment. The aim of the study is to gather information that might help improve the treatment of people with anaemia.

Our team

Austin Acheson: Associate Professor in Academic Colorectal Surgery

Matthew Brookes: Consultant Gastroenterologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer

Srinivasan Madhusudan: Clinical Associate Professor Medical Oncology

Eleanor James: Consultant oncologist

Simon Parsons: Consultant upper gastrointestinal surgeon

James Catton: Consultant upper gastrointestinal surgeon

Barrie David Keeler: Clinical research fellow

Oliver Ng: Clinical research fellow

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