A feasibility study to measure gut transit in paediatric constipation using novel mini-capsules and magnetic resonance imaging (MAGIC)

1st April 2018 - ongoing

Status: In Recruitment

Specialism: Imaging, MR Imaging.

Team: Professor Luca Marciani.

​Functional constipation in childhood is very common. The spectrum ranges from mild to severe and intractable, requiring hospitalisation and possible surgery for management. It can markedly impair quality of life, with further effects on the child’s social functioning.

Despite the prevalence of paediatric constipation, its aetiology is still poorly understood. Transit tests have become a valuable part of the evaluation of children with functional constipation, but are not performed routinely mainly due to the limitations of the current tests. There is an unmet need for a widely applicable, non-ionising radiation method to provide objective measurements of gastrointestinal transit in young patients. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) could provide the solution.

We have developed a new device to measure gut transit in paediatric constipation. The device consists of small, inert mini-capsules made of plastic that, once ingested, can be imaged inside the gastrointestinal tract using MRI, creating a MRI alternative to the radiopaque marker X-ray test to measure gut transit.

We now want to test the ability of the device to measure transit before and after treatment for intractable constipation in 25 children. These results will be compared to 25 age matched healthy controls who do not present with constipation.

If you would like more information: text ‘MAGIC’ to 07786 203 250 (text only), call us on 0115 970 9966 or email us at nddcbru@nottingham.ac.uk and mention the MAGIC study.

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dr-luca-marciani Professor Luca Marciani I graduated in Physics at the University of Genoa in Italy. I then worked in Milan and London before joining the University of Nottingham, where I was awarded my PhD in Physics. Following a series of multi-disciplinary research contracts and Fellowships…
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