Lunchtime Seminars 2016

Lunchtime Seminars 2016

The Lunchtime Seminars are held in the NDDC Seminar Room (West Block, D Floor, QMC) every Friday at 1pm

Friday 11th November 2016 presented by Ebby Simon ‘Faecal calprotectin in Crohn’s disease: does location matter?’

Friday 18th November 2016 presented by Dr Felicity Rose ‘Biomaterials for mucosal tissue regeneration’

Dr Felicity Rose is an Associate Professor and Reader in Tissue Engineering and Head of the Division of Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapies within the School of Pharmacy at the University of Nottingham. Her research interests include the ability to control stem and differentiated cell behaviour during the tissue regeneration process to develop 3D in vivo-like in vitro tissue models for basic biology research and drug screening applications, and ultimately tissues for transplantation. A focus of her research has been the development of biomaterials for tissue engineering and to support healing of mucosal tissues including cornea, skin, lung and gut. Felicity will give an overview of this work in her presentation including some more recent work aimed at building the epithelial stem cell niche in vitro.

Friday 25th November 2016 presented by Oliver Ng ‘A multicenter randomized controlled trial comparing the efficacy of intravenous and oral iron in the preoperative management of colorectal cancer anaemia: the IVICIA trial.’

Friday 2nd December 2016 presented by Simon Cooper, Director at Adamson Jones, Patent, Design & Trade Mark Attorneys and Roy Harris, Head of Project Development/IP at NUH R&I. ‘The Intellectual Property (IP) roadmap: protecting your ideas!’

We will have 2 short presentations describing the various types of IP, how to recognise opportunities for protection, and how to get support to capture, manage and protect IP, followed by questions. The aim is to refresh and promote continuing awareness of IP and how you directly and your research work may benefit from it. This will also help you a bit to fill that ‘annoying’ IP box on the grant applications!

Friday 9th December 2016 presented by Dr Neil Guha ‘The compensated cirrhosis cohort in Nottingham (3CN)’

Friday 16th December 2016 presented by Professor Guru Aithal ‘NIHR Global Health Research Group Proposal