Drug-induced Liver Injury

‚ÄčIntroduction to DILI

  • DILI is an unexpected injury to the liver that can be caused by prescribed medications, over-the-counter medications, recreational drugs and supplements.
  • Some drugs such as paracetamol are known to be harmful to the liver in high doses but other drugs, taken at a normal dose can unpredictably damage the liver of certain people.
  • DILI is a rare, unpredictable disease and it is not known why certain individuals are more likely to develop drug-induced liver injury than others. This can be life-threatening.
  • Specific genetic risk factors can contribute to individual susceptibility but they do not fully explain why people get DILI.

Study Aims

To create a unique International Biobank resource to enable research into the causes and characteristics of drug-induced liver injury (DILI) so that new, non-invasive diagnostic tests can be developed

To predict and prevent drug-induced liver injury (DILI) so patients can be safely treated with medications they need.

This research will:

  • Improve our understanding of how medications cause DILI
  • Identify risk factors for DILI development
  • Develop and evaluate new non-invasive tests to specifically diagnose DILI.

Who can participate?

Men & women aged over 18, who appear to have had an adverse reaction to a medication or supplement which affected liver functioning (patients); or who have had no problematic response to taking specific medications or supplements (healthy volunteers)

Participation involves:


Several visits/appointments with our research nurse (coinciding with your medical care where possible) to provide:

  • a blood sample,
  • a urine sample (optional)
  • a stool sample (optional)
  • Medical history

Healthy volunteers:

One visit/appointment with our research nurse to provide:

  • a blood sample,
  • a urine sample (optional)
  • a stool sample (optional)
  • Medical history

Study contacts:

Dr Jane Grove, Study Coordinator, jane.grove@nottingham.ac.uk 0115 9249924 ext 31151

Amy Ward, Research/Specialist Nurse, amy.ward2@nuh.nhs.uk 0115 9249924 ext 60612

Prof Guru Aithal, Principal Investigator 0115 8231149

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