Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

The team involved in the research in Inflammatory Bowel Disease is very encompassing and covers a wide breadth of expertise and knowledge spanning from the Physicists at the Sir Peter Mansfield Centre (CH, PG, SF), scientists with an interest in gut motility and neurogastroenterology (LM, RS), Nutrition and metabolism experts at the Greenfields Human Physiology Unit (IAM, FS), clinicians with an interest in Randomised controlled trials (SS) and epidemiologists (TC).

Current projects:

We have a number of research interest including

1. The role of the enteroendocrine peptides in altered appetite and eating behaviour in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
2. The role of the enteroendocrine peptides in altered gut motility in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

This work will lead to biomarkers that can be pharmacologically modulated to improve patient symptoms and disease outcomes

3. Anabolic and insulin resistance in Inflammatory bowel disease: This research investigates the effects of exercise in improve body composition, appetite and patient well being. Future work is aimed at modifying exercise regimes and pharmacolgicaly altering muscle metabolism to improve function
4. Design and undertaking or investigator led and collaborating in pharmaceutically led phase I-IV IBD studies
5. Referral Centre cohort to nation-wide population based studies aimed at predicting disease outcomes in IBD.

Potential for collaborative projects:

The potential for collaboration with industry is extensive including:

  1. Targeting biomarkers to improve food intake, gut motility and symptoms in IBD
  2. Pharmacologically modulating fatty acid metabolism and insulin resistance in IBD
  3. Design and undertaking Phase I-IV studies in IBD

Key team members (PIs):

Dr Gordon Moran

Dr Sunil Samuel

Dr Tim Card

Dr Francis Stephens

Professor Ian Macdonald

Dr Luca Marciani

Dr Susan Francis

Professor Penny Gowland

Professor Robin Spiller

Dr Caroline Hoad

Administrative contact:

Emma Bardley

Tel: +44 (0)115 8231 090


Natalie Jones

Tel: +44 (0) 115 9709 966