Cross-over Trials in Clinical Research Including N-of-1 trials

25th March - 26th March 2019

De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre, Beeston Lane, Nottingham NG7 2RJ

Course Director - Professor Joe West

Course Presenter - Stephen Senn

The course is running all day from Monday 25th March - Tuesday 26th March 2019. Registration is via invitation and the course is currently fully booked.

Venue details: De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre

Cross-over Trials in Clinical Research is the only book on the subject written by someone who has designed and analysed cross-over trials for a living. It is based on my extensive experience of handling such trials during the eight years I worked for Ciba-Geigy in Basle. The book reflects my belief that the statistician working in the pharmaceutical industry must be able to answer ‘yes’ to the following question: ‘am I seriously interested in the effects of treatments?’

The course is based on the following publications:

  1. Senn SJ. Cross-over Trials in Clinical Research. Second ed. Chichester: Wiley; 2002.
  2. Araujo A, Julious S, Senn S. Understanding Variation in Sets of N-of-1 Trials. PloS one. 2016;11(12):e0167167
  3. Senn SJ. Sample size considerations for n-of-1 trials. Statistical methods in medical research. 2019;28(2):372-383.

Data files

Phenytoin data

Programs in R

Cross-over trials

Sample Size Calculation

Example 3.1

Example 5.1

Example 7.2

Example 7.3

n-of-1 trials

Analysis of n-of-1 trials

Sample Size for n-of-1 trials