10th Nottingham Barrett’s Endotherapy Course

10th June - 12th June 2020

The Hemsley, University of Nottingham

The 1st Nottingham Upper GI Endoscopy Education & Training Day & The 10th Nottingham Barrett’s Endotherapy Course

Wednesday 10th, Thursday 11th & Friday 12th June 2020

10th - 11th June hosted at The Hemsley, University of Nottingham.

12th June hosted at the Trent Simulation Centre within the Postgraduate Medical Education Centre, Queen’s Medical Centre.

Course director: Dr Jacobo Ortiz

Join us for a three-days course starting with our 1st Upper GI Endoscopy Education & Training day (Wednesday 10th June) covering all basics in the diagnosis and management of the early neoplasias in the Upper GI tract. And then followed by a 2 full days (Thursday 11th - Friday 12th June) to cover all aspects of the endoscopic management of Barrett’s Oesophagus and early Barrett’s neoplasia: An endoscopy journey from early diagnosis to treatment and surveillance.

Dr Raf Bischops (Belgium), Dr Massi Di Pietro (UK), Dr José Miguel Esteban (Spain), Dr Rehan Haidry (UK), Dr Roos Pouw (The Netherlands), Prof Krish Ragunath (Australia) and Prof Irving Waxman (USA).

How to perform high quality UGI Endoscopy, Lesion recognition, Video Quiz, Live Demonstrations, Interactive Discussions, Hot-topic Debates, Video Symposium, State-Of-The-Art Lectures, Real Cases Discussions, Hands-on Animal Models, Complications Management…and much more.

For further information: NottinghamEndotherapy@gmail.com Natalie.Horsepool@nottingham.ac.uk

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