Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Natural History of Chronic Viral Hepatitis

Management of the epidemics of chronic hepatitis B and C virus infection requires: an understanding of which patients are at-risk of infection in order to undertake case finding an understanding of host, viral and environmental factors which influence disease progression from chronic hepatitis to cirrhosis, decompensation and development of hepatocellular carcinoma an understanding of host, viral and environmental factors which influence individual patient responses to antiviral therapy.

We are involved in a number of studies which address the above issues, in collaboration with other academic centres, Public Health England, and Wellcome Trust Institutes.

Current projects:

  1. Department of Health Policy Research Programme grant aimed at identifying ways of increasing (a) testing of at risk individuals for hepatitis C virus infection and (b) movement of diagnosed patients into appropriate care pathways
  2. Medical Research Foundation funded grant to establish HCV Research UK, a national cohort of 10,000 patients with hepatitis C virus infection together with a clinical database and biorepository, to act as a resource to underpin research into a wide range of aspects of chronic hepatitis C virus infection
  3. Medical Research Council funded Stratified Medicine Programme grant STOP-HCV – aimed at developing clinical algorithms to enhance individualised management of patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection

Potential for collaborative projects:

We already collaborate with a number of diagnostic and pharma companies including Gilead Sciences, Janssen Cilag plc, Janssen Diagnostics, Abbvie, LA-SER Analytica, Bristol-Myers Squibb, OncImmune. We are keen to collaborate with anyone who has an interest in getting access to our clinical data and biological samples

Key team members (PIs):

Professor Will Irving (Clinical Virology)

Dr Steve Ryder (Hepatology)

Dr Jonathan Ball (Molecular Virology)

Dr David Humes (Assistant Professor)

Dr Joe West (Clinical Associate Professor)

Administrative contact:

Jane Renshaw

Tel: +44 (0) 115 8230771

Email: jane.renshaw@nottingham.ac.uk