TRITON Grant Announcement

14th February 2017

Professor Spiller and a team of experts from the Neurogastroenterology section of the British Society of Gastroenterology from 12 major research centres in the UK have been awarded a £2M grant from the National Institute of Health Research Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme to perform a clinical trial entitled “Treatment of IBS with diarrhoea with Titrated Ondansetron (TRITON).”

The trial will be coordinated from the Leeds Clinical Trials Research Unit and the mechanistic studies will involve specialist centres in Leeds, University College London and Barts and the London Hospital.

The trial offers a great opportunity for 2 specialist registrars to obtain a higher degree in the rapidly expanding field of Neurogastroenterology. The trial will include studies of how ondansetron affects bowel motility and sensitivity. Understanding how ondansetron works will improve our ability to predict who will respond and inform the development of new treatments for this common and distressing condition. Recruitment is expected to start in autumn 2017.