Fighting Fatty Liver in Trivandrum

18th November 2018

Professor Guru Aithal and his team comprising of Dr Liz Simpson, Dr Moira Taylor, Laura Miller, Dr Sally Hibbert, Dr Stephen Bawden, Amrita Vijay and Bethany Robinson travelled to Trivandrum, India in November.

They are working on a collaborative research project with Dr Thrivikrama Shenoy and Leena Mohan, who are based at the Population Health Research Institute (PHRI), developing new approaches to tackle rising levels of fatty liver disease in India.

A ‘fatty liver’ is when more than 5-10% of a person’s liver is fat. This condition puts people at much higher risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. In the UK, fatty liver is twice as common among people of South Asian descent compared with whites: 2 in 10 versus 1 in 10. In some parts of India (e.g Kerala) the prevalence is 5 in 10. We believe that this higher risk is in part caused by dietary and lifestyle factors.

The overall goal is to improve the metabolic health and well being of individuals and reduce the burden of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NALFD) and concurrent metabolic syndrome in Kerala.

For the week the team hosted ‘Fighting Fatty Liver in Trivandrum’ workshops with Dr Shenoy and Leena for the PHRI social workers who will be delivering the study in Trivandrum. The team discussed the protocol, recruitment, dietary intervention, yoga schedule and how they will facilitate behaviour change.

They also took part in a yoga lesson themselves.