Art from the gut: the scientifically inspired work of Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva

9th August 2016

The Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre has been working with the artist Elpida Hadji-Vasileva to explore the relationship between the science of studying the GI tract and patients’ perceptions of their illness. The work ‘Making Beauty’, funded by The Wellcome Trust and the Arts Council, is on display at the Djanogly Gallery August 22nd – October 20th

See link below to have a read of the article Dr Giles Major wrote on the The University of Nottingham’s blog about the exhibit:

When digestive disease meets art – exploring your inner self

There has been some great reviews of the exhibit which are linked below.

The Observer

Below is the link to The Observer - News Review feature published Sunday 7th August.

Elpida Hadzi Vasileva Making Beauty Exhibition

The author Kit Buchan describes Elpida as a “highly respected” artist and describes the work as intriguing and fascinating. The feature focuses on Elpida’s use of materials particularly in Haruspex and Fragility and discusses the new work she has been making, with input from Dr Giles Major.

There has also been a review on the international contemporary art magazine, The review was published on 15th September by Cassie Davies. The review guides the reader through the exhibition, beginning with Fragility and Haruspex, and culminating with the new body of works. The online magazine has 38,000 unique monthly users.

Making Beauty runs from 20 August to 30 October at the Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham Lakeside Arts and is accompanied by a series of talks, tours, lectures and workshops. Admission is free and you can find out more on the Nottingham Lakeside Arts website or HERE