Andy Wragg co-author on Biomed Central publication

10th April 2017

Congratulations to Andy Wragg, our Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) Facilitator, as co-author on his recent publication published in BioMed Central, of the lay assessment development training project he has been engaged in for the past two years.

“Co-producing public involvement training with members of the public and research organisations in the East Midlands: creating, delivering and evaluating the lay assessor training programme”

The project group led superbly by Andy’s PPI colleague, Dr Adele Horobin from the NIHR Hearing BRC, (and main author of the article) have worked towards the creation of a learning & development resource (which they call the Sharebank) for the BRC and with other regional collaborators.

The group developed the structure of the training programme together and it oversaw the development of the training content by individual members. This project has created a solid base for local research organisations to work together in public involvement training. This project has created a solid foundation for collaboration between research organisations in the East Midlands in devising and delivering training in public involvement together. Their evaluation provides evidence in support of National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) recommendations on principles for learning and development for public involvement in research.

If you would like to read the publication on Biomed Central please click HERE

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