2nd Nottingham IBD Masterclass

​Friday 24th November 2017 at The East Midlands Conference Centre

Course director: Dr Gordon Moran

Based on our success from our 1st IBD Masterclass in 2015 we are happy to host the 2nd IBD Masterclass here in Nottingham. The faculty have specifically chosen the areas of Inflammatory Bowel Disease that are clinically relevant to all of us.

The Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre along with our NIHR Biomedical Research Centre have longstanding clinical and academic interests in intestinal inflammation. We are delighted to be able to host such eminent and world-renowned UK-based and international speakers in Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Thank you to all our sponsors: Abbvie, Ferring Pharmeceuticals, Janssen, MSD, NAPP, Takeda and Tillotts Pharma UK Ltd.

Thank you to our Faculty:


Dr Shomron Ben-Horin (Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel)


Dr Gordon Moran (Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust), Dr Sunil Samuel (Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust), Mr John Abercrombie (Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust), Prof SubrataGhosh (University of Birmingham), Dr Bu Hayee (Kings College Hospital, London), Dr Marietta Iacucci (University of Birmingham), Dr Peter Irving (Guy’s and St Thomas’ London), Dr James Lindsay (Barts and The London), Prof Jack Satsangi (University of Edinburgh)

Course Programme and Presentations:

Please find links to course material below

Case Presentation –Vedolizumabin IBD - Dr Frank Phillips, ST6 Gastroenterology.

Predicting Response to Anti-Integrin Therapy: Long Term Efficacy and Roles for Optimisation with Vedolizumab - Dr Peter Irving.

Case Presentation-Ustekinumabin Crohn’s Disease - Dr Rebecca Smith, SpR Gastroenterology.

Positioning IL12/23 Blockade in the IBD Treatment Algorithm - Dr James Lindsay.

Case Presentation – Golimumabin Ulcerative Colitis - Dr Prarthana Thiagarajan,Clinical Research Fellow Hepatology.

Golimumab – Where and When – Biomarkers to Predict Response - Dr Bu Hayee.

Case Presentation – Stricturing Crohn’s - Dr Caroline Sharratt, ST7 Gastroenterology.

The Optimal Medical Management of Stricturing Crohn’s Disease - Prof Subrata Ghosh.

Case Presentation –Surgery in Ulcerative Colitis - Dr Konstantinos Argyriou, IBD Fellow.

Surgery in Ulcerative Colitis: the Bottom Line - Mr John Abercrombie.

Case Presentation – IBD Surveillance - Dr Colin Crooks, ST6/ACL Gastroenterology.

Surveillance Colonoscopies in IBD: Detection and Characterisation of Colonic Lesions - Dr Marietta Iacucci.

Case Presentation – Combination Therapy - Dr Richard Ingram, ST6 Gastroenterology.

Combining Drugs with Different Mechanisms of Action in the Management of IBD - Dr Shomron Ben-Horin.

Case Presentation – Stopping Therapy - Dr Philip Oppong, ST6 Gastroenterology.

When to Stop Immunomodulators and Biologics –SPARE - Prof Jack Satsangi.